RUGBY: The Archiballs are starting their season in the best possible way! Archiball: 25 – Barracudas: 22


By winning an altogether logical victory over the Barracudas of Saint-Barth, the Archiballs struck a blow at the opening of the Guadeloupe Elite Championship.

Crowds of the big days last Saturday at the Bellevue stadium where many supporters came to encourage their favorite team motivated more than ever to bring down their old sworn enemy, the Barracudas of Saint-Barth.

From the warm-up, the XV of Saint-Martin showed real determination to tackle this confrontation with one of the favorites for the title of Antilles-Guyana champion, season 2022-2023. From the kick-off, the men of the duo Jean-Luc Blancafort – Julien Faurois put constant pressure on the opposing camp. They quickly concretize their domination by a beautiful corner try signed Salcedo, Serin taking care of the transformation to bring the score to 7 to 0. The debates will then be balanced, the Barracudas reducing the mark on a penalty.


An intense second half

Back from the locker room, Poufarin's partners are experiencing a slight slump which will allow visitors to get back on the scoreboard after scoring a good collective try. The faults are more and more numerous and the penalties are linked on both sides. The Barracudas think they have done the hardest part by equalizing at 22 everywhere a few minutes from the final whistle but without counting on the selflessness of the Archiballs who offer a great victory to their supporters thanks to a final penalty converted by Dudez. His foot did not shake!

With this convincing success, the Archiballs are ideally launching their season. A good omen for the rest of the championship.  _AF

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