RUGBY: Gauthier Albagnac succeeds Frédéric Mallet as president of the Saint-Martin Rugby Union!


The ordinary general assembly of the Saint-Martin Rugby Union was held last week, chaired for the last time by Frédéric Mallet who took the opportunity to hand over to the young and dynamic new president of the club, Gauthier Albagnac!

A new office has also been set up with the appointment of Sabine Caillat, general secretary of the club, Sandra Touze-Tagle, treasurer, Julien Reichenecker, head of the Rugby School, Davy Gibrien still being vice-president.

As for the “Elders”, Patrick GREA, Honorary President and Frédéric MALLET, always remain active around the meadow. Of course (!).

In short, new challenges await the Saint-Martin Rugby Union ready to take up the challenge and to “measure up” also to its comrades of the Archiball and Barracudas of Saint-Barth! _AF

Trainings of the St Martin Rugby Union take place every Friday at Grand Case at 16pm.

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