RUGBY: Great performance by the Archiball U14s on Guadeloupe soil


A week before the Christmas holidays, the Archiball U14s went to Guadeloupe for the first set of the season.

The Archiball team arrived on Friday to spend the evening with the committee members to celebrate volunteering. On this occasion, the coach, Alex was rewarded for his investment in young rugby players.

On Saturday evening, the U14s distinguished themselves by winning their first game of the championship (50 to 5) against the Good Luck team in a 10 against 10 match.

They then played 15 in agreement with the Good Luck against a Guadeloupean selection and there it was more difficult but still full of promise for the future with beautiful attitudes displayed against their opponents for a day.

A good omen to calmly attack the year 2023 with no doubt of the good results at stake. _AF

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