RSA: COM partly responsible for its cost


For several years, elected officials have been denouncing the cost that the RSA represents for the community. The active solidarity income is partly funded by the COM and amounts to more than 14 million euros. The COM asked the State to resume management of the allocation at its expense. It also adapted the rules for allocating the RSA locally, but according to the Territorial Chamber of Accounts (CTC), these efforts are insufficient. In its COM observation report between 2007 and 2014, it attributes a share of responsibility to the community to the financial weight that the RSA represents today.

She was able to note that at the time of the change of statute, “the commune [had] not requested the general council [of Guadeloupe which managed the social expenses Editor's note] to know its field of action on the communal territory. The community did not, either, ask the general council of Guadeloupe for information on the management of the social systems that it had adopted (departmental regulation of social assistance, number of beneficiaries in Saint-Martin, number of agents affected to the management of files, costs, etc.) ". The CTC considers that Saint-Martin has therefore not prepared for this transfer of powers.

If it admits that the COM is obliged to apply this national aid system, it considers that it is "partly responsible" for "these uncontrolled charges". As well as the CAF of Guadeloupe which manages the allocation.

The latter did not carry out "any checks" and did not provide any "annual written report on the checks on RSA beneficiaries" to the COM, which has nevertheless made several requests.

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