Natural risks: better training of government departments


The overseas senatorial delegation chaired by Michel Magras, senator from Saint-Barthélemy, produced an information report on "Major natural risks / Emergency declared overseas" following the passage of Irma. Among other things, she insisted on the need to "train and train" in order to better manage crises and on the need to "revive the culture of risk".

"The exercises" appear as "a necessity for the State services". If senators have been able to observe that prefects overseas, like those in mainland France, participate in at least four crisis exercises with an inter-service dimension per year and two per year for defense and security zones, they "demand" that managers are trained before their arrival. This is recommendation number 16 of the report: "require that the taking up of a overseas prefect, sub-prefect exercising the functions of director of cabinet or high commissioners (in New Caledonia, Editor's note) only if you have participated in at least one crisis management exercise simulating a major natural event ”. (More details on

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