See you on December 15 at La Plénitude for the 2nd edition of the “Well-Being Day”! 


The 2nd edition of the “Well-Being Day” will take place on December 15 at La Plénitude from 9:30 am to 17 pm. The opportunity for the public to come and discover the well-being therapists of the island of Saint Martin through workshops, conferences and presentations that will take place throughout the day!

On the program of this event, you will be able to enjoy discovery treatments: shiatsu massages, Reiki, Reflexology, craniosacral, bio energetic ...

Different practitioners in personal development will present their support tools and personalized follow-up to help you get to know yourself better and follow your life path serenely: sophrology, birth reference system, lithotherapy, drum trip, astrology, oracle ...

Introduction to well-being practices: Yoga, Qi Gong, Do In, Dance of the Life Movement, Pilates and sports coaching will allow you to discover the practices with which you have the most affinities!

And for lunchtime, come taste and travel! A vegetarian buffet on site will be offered to you with fresh fruit and vegetable juices and fermented drinks, you will be able to attend a cooking workshop and demonstrations of well-being recipes ... The event is entirely "0 waste", come and learn to reduce our waste and plastic packaging, consider bringing your reusable containers if you want to take your meals and drinks!

Will be present on site:

Marie Leclève: Life Movement Dance Facilitator, psychomotrician, actress and clown, kinesiology facilitator, cranio sacral therapy, massage, shamanic healings.

Stéphanie Desired: bioenergetician, geobiologist, intuitive coach and facilitator in Holotropic Breathing in training.

 Isabelle Le Senechal: Sophrologist, support, birth reference system

Aurélie N'Da: Energetician

Virginia Dry: Naturopath, Yoga teacher, wellness massages, nature cooking workshops

Isabelle Quinon: litho therapist (accompaniment by stones

Martine Josserand: Astrologer, Cartomancer, Oracle

Nathalie Michallon - fit SXM: Sport, Health & Well-being Coach, certified Pilates & De Gasquet methods, sophro-relaxation and personal development.

Audrey Barbes: activist pacifist ecologist very sensitive to the environmental cause and known for her implication in the cleaning of the island through the association Clean St Martin.

Fabienne Deparis: Shiatsu massages, Do In teacher.

Chloe Dubois: self-taught, vegetarian cooking workshop.

Caroline Brouard: Sports support, slimming, fitness, cardio, stretching, yoga, muscle building, oracle Gé.

Amandyn Fanton: Atelier Boutique Jus en Folie, Juice designer, well-being and nutritional support and advice. Nicole Blais: energy company, master teacher of Reiki.

Sandrine Pecot: Qi qong teacher, wellness massages.

Carole Berhault: Reflexology, wellness massages.

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