INTER-COMPANY RELAY: The consecration of a trilogy of Jérôme Beaupère and Aline Hanson schools 


Teachers, parents and agents of the Collectivity had an appointment last Sunday to participate in the 10th Inter-Business relay, organized by Semsamar. 

This project, which was part of the “Year of Sport”, has kept all of its promises. The objective was to represent the school and enhance its actors. Three teams were involved: SGT 1, SGT 2 and SGT 3.

The start was given at Terres-Basses at 6 am and after a little more than 2h40 of race, passing the baton between different partners of the educational community, the first teams of the school crossed the finish line. It was a moment of sharing during which, it was noticeable to see the teams arriving en masse with united parents.

All the runners were present for a single cause: the students of Sandy-Ground!

This relay was above all a vector of cohesion, friendship, solidarity and sharing.

The Friendly School and the Kindergarten were able to meet this challenge brilliantly!

Final ranking of the 30 teams involved:

13e: Sandy Ground Team 2 / Frédéric M and Golden Palace

22e: Sandy Ground Team 1 / Cafe Malongo

27e: Sandy Ground Team 3 / Nagico and Monster Garage SXM

The school thanks all the partners who contributed to the success of this project, without forgetting the parents, teachers and agents of the Community.

See you next year !_AF

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