REGULATIONS: Procedure for requesting authorizations to carry out commercial activities in the SXM National Nature Reserve


State services inform users of the renewal of the annual authorization procedure to carry out a commercial activity, maritime or land, within the National Nature Reserve of Saint-Martin.

The exercise of a commercial activity must be subject, beforehand, to the deposit, with the manager of the RNN, of a file containing: • the authorization request form to be obtained from the manager of the RNN;

• the administrative documents allowing in particular to prove the regulatory compliance (French and/or international) of the commercial activity, subject of the request.

Applications will be submitted no later than December 15, 2022: • at the premises of the RNN manager, located at Hope Estate;


• electronically to the following address:

A Technical Committee comprising the manager of the National Nature Reserve and the State services concerned will then be organized in order to select the files subject to authorisation.

This authorization will be valid for 1 year, from the date of the decision issued by the manager. It may be suspended in the event of irregularities noted by the manager and / or the competent authorities.


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