REGULATIONS: Many restaurants in Saint-Barth controlled by state services


From January 31 to February 2, the services of the Department of Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity (DEETS) carried out in Saint-Barthélemy the control of good compliance with economic regulations, and protection of consumers. Forty establishments were checked, including twenty-eight restaurants in which almost all were the subject of observations, specifies the Prefecture.

Depending on the importance of the number of points of non-compliance or their seriousness, the observations made will give rise to written warnings or litigation procedures.

10 administrative reports for failure to comply with consumer information rules, 1 fine report (non-respect of consumption deadlines) and 2 offense reports (misleading commercial practices) will be issued.

These misleading commercial practices concern significant differences between the prices displayed and those paid by the consumer. In addition, cases that could mislead the consumer have been noted by pushing him to give a tip when paying his bill with a "tips" line to be completed, without him having had prior information that the price of the service was already included. The non-conformities observed relate mainly to faults in the display of prices, regardless of the sector of activity inspected.

In catering, the inspection teams deplored the frequent lack of display of allergens, the origin of the beef, the mention of the volume of containers for the sale of wine by the glass, the display on the outside the five wines or, failing that, the drinks commonly served, mention of the service included on the menu and details of the bill to be given at the end of the meal.


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