Pension reform: the UNSA calls for a strike this Tuesday, January 31


Following the mobilization of January 19 in front of the Prefecture, the National Union of Autonomous Trade Unions (UNSA) is calling for a strike this Tuesday, January 31 to protest against the pension reform, the movement of which will be national.

At a press conference held last Thursday, the UNSA union of Saint-Martin, which covers all sectors of activity, was represented by Gilbert Rousseau (private sector branch), Omar Benrhima and Mr Guieba (justice branch), Patrice Toma (territorial branch), Sandrine Malherbe (first level National Education branch), Jérémie Huot (second level National Education branch) and Myriam Paquin (public sector branch).

“All trades are affected by this reform, whether in the public or in the private sector,” declared Gilbert Rousseau. For Jérémie Huot, the increase in the legal retirement age to 64 instead of 62 from 2030 is unacceptable, as is the accumulation of 43 years of contributions from 2027: "that would require subscribing to a supplementary pension, which would increase the social divide”. The anger is all the more palpable for those who started their professional career late. Sandrine Malherbe explains, for example, that on the side of National Education, the State requires a higher number of years of study than previous generations to practice in the educational field where concretely a person who starts working at 25 could not enjoy of his retirement only at age 68. Even if the local mobilization does not systematically stall on the strong momentum of a national movement, the representatives of the UNSA hope that the population of Saint-Martin will assert its voice for this call for a strike on Tuesday, January 31. No one is immune to this pension reform bill. The UNSA, whose slogan is "Your daily ally", also wished to recall that calling a strike is not the union's most popular means of resistance: "When you relay a national protest movement, it is that it is justified”. Being fully aware of the current tourist season and its effects on the local economy, the UNSA does not plan any blockages or major demonstrations so as not to take the population hostage. A rally will certainly be organized this Tuesday, January 31, the details will soon be communicated by the press and on the social networks of the UNSA. If the demonstration of last January 19 brought together above all actors of the first degree of National Education, the UNSA brings together all the sectors: the Collectivity, the professions of the public service and the private sector, whose branch was recently developed and Membership applications keep coming. In addition to its day-to-day work as a mediator and individual support for each agent, the UNSA will be responsible for reporting to the prefect the rate of strikers and keeping the dialogue open with the feeling of being listened to by the officials of the Prefecture and community elected officials. With 600 members to its credit in Saint-Martin, the UNSA participates fully in concrete results through their actions "our union is a tool to improve the well-being of the agent", but also that of the boss in the private sector, recalling the rights and obligations of each party. For now, UNSA representatives are concentrating on the January 31 strike. _Vx

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