Rector and collective took stock of the work with the COM


If classes resumed on Monday January 14, last week parents, teachers and school life blocked access to the Robert Weinum school complex on Tuesday. Friday January 11, the day of the rector's visit and the FSU union's call to strike, the Siméonne Trott school was also blocked. In particular, the delay in the reconstruction of the establishments. 

“What they are asking is legitimate. They ask for favorable conditions to work. I have been accommodating until now, I have tried to find something positive in the advances that can be observed in a number of establishments. Unfortunately what focused the anger is the Weinum school city, where there has been a lot of things done paradoxically. And all because of a delay in the delivery of the famous mobile classes. I find that there was really a lightness in the programming of the works. »Declared the rector at the end of a meeting at the Collective organized at the request of the PEP collective. During this meeting which also took place in the presence of Daniel Gibbs, president of the COM, Michel Sanz, IA-DAASEN of the Northern Islands, Christiant Climent-Pons, in charge of reconstruction for National Education and Jean- Sébastien Roca, from the French Development Agency (AFD) on a mission to the COM, "we had a full update on the different establishments" indicates the collective in its report. And to list: "Simeonne Trott is the establishment in which nothing has been done but all the lights are green so that work can finally begin", "concerning the Quartier d'Orléans, the modular classes will be delivered at the end of 2019" , "Work is progressing at MDA, 12 rooms have been repaired". As for the school complex, if the safety commission authorizes the commissioning of mobile classes, they can be occupied at the end of January, announces the collective.

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