RECONSTRUCTION: The Fondation de France calls on the Compagnons Bâtisseurs


Supported self-rehabilitation, this is one of the operations that the foundation of France will conduct this year in Saint-Martin after the passage of Hurricane Irma. It will support the most vulnerable Saint-Martinois in the reconstruction of their house. It therefore called on the Building Companions, the first of whom are arriving today.

These will help people to rebuild their house themselves, both in terms of the choice of materials and the construction technique. The objective is that the houses are more resistant to cyclones and meet standards.

"We will initially have a pilot operation with forty houses," announced Axelle Davezac, the director general of the Fondation de France. Depending on the results (costs, completion time, etc.), the operation will be duplicated on a larger scale; the ambition is to allow the reconstruction of four hundred to five hundred dwellings. Today, the Fondation de France has released 1,3 million euros out of the 13 million collected following its appeal for donations, for reconstruction. (more details on

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