Reconstruction of educational establishments: Focus on Marie-Antoinette Richards school


The small elementary school nestled at the edge of Mont Morne O'Reilly is one of the luckiest schools. Irma passed there without leaving too many traces of her passage.

For the 160 children enrolled there, the school year took place under normal conditions. Only the refectory door and the roof of the concierge room were damaged. Roof inspections will also have to be carried out, to seal small water infiltrations when it rains. Damage that will be repaired during the month of August, for an amount of 7500 euros

The 7 classrooms as well as all the buildings of this school will be fully operational from September 3, to accommodate the 162 students who are already enrolled.

To remember

Amount of work undertaken: 7 euros (out of the 500 million committed for the work of 9.5 schools).

Start of works: last week of August 2018

End of works: last week of August 2018

Main works: Repair of the school refectory door, roof of the concierge room.

In total, the Collectivity has planned a budget of 9,5 million euros for the rehabilitation of 18 public schools with the absolute priority, the return of schoolchildren on the school benches in optimal conditions at the start of the new school year in September. 2 million euros have already been paid to companies that carried out emergency repairs that enabled the children to return to school on November 6, 2017.

New sectorization for the start of the 2018 school year

From the start of the 2018 school year, and given the new configuration of primary schools, a new sector was recently adopted by the Executive Council. This decision arises from the need to ensure security, to guarantee the working conditions of members of the school community, while ensuring that the accommodation capacity of school premises is adequate and being vigilant that the adapting school sectors does not weaken the schools concerned, nor does it disrupt family arrangements.

The Marie-Antoinette Richards school in Rambaud will welcome students residing in Friar's Bay, Colombier, St.louis, Rambaud, Morne O'Reilly and la Savane (firefighters)

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