Receipt and robbery in meetings: 18 months in prison for a 19 year old


"A festival of whimsical explanations," commented the deputy prosecutor. SG, a young woman born in 1999 in Sint Maarten, had indeed struggled to convince the prosecution and the court of his innocence in the series of three acts alleged against him. He was brought before the judges under the immediate appearance procedure on November 16.

He was in particular suspected of being involved in the resale of spare parts on the internet when he knew that they came from a theft, of having concealed a scooter, participated in a motorcycle meeting theft, refused to comply, given a false identity.

On the first fact, he was released.

After deliberation, the court recognized him of the other facts and sentenced him to a sentence of three years in prison, including eighteen months with a suspended probation for two years including the obligation to work or to undergo training, compensate the victim and establish residence on the French side as well as a fine of 1 euros. The detention is also pronounced, SG therefore returned to Guadeloupe the same afternoon.

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