Refreshment of Grand-Case airport


To expand the reception capacity and ensure the safety of employees at Grand-Case l'Espérance airport, the company in charge of its operation, Edeis, has been carrying out improvement work since April 7. 

“Every 10 to 15 years, an airport runway must be maintained like a road. And we were on that deadline.” With these words, Edeis Saint-Martin, managing company of Grand-Case l'Espérance airport, evokes an airport that wakes up in the night. And this, without disrupting air traffic since April 7. Every evening, around fifty employees, the majority of whom come from Saint-Martin, work on a site studied since 2019. 

Edeis has behind this work three objectives for the development of the airport platform. The first being the capacity, by expanding the car park. The second on the uniform lift of the track, to ensure the reception of devices with a certain weight. And the third, the protection of the population in the event of a natural disaster via the same process of strengthening the track. "Resurfacing on the runway, the taxiways or even the commercial parking lot are in progress", indicates on its Facebook page the airport of Grand-Case l'Espérance. Finishing work will continue until September 2022. _pc

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