Cleanliness: Renewal of garbage bins in all neighborhoods!


In order to keep an island clean, the Community Living Environment Delegation will renew the old trash bins, from May 2021.

The new bins will be gray in color, in a 100% recycled material.

Through this public policy, the community strengthens its action for the cleanliness of the territory and adopts the following operation:

- Collection of household waste 7 days a week, every evening from 7:23 p.m.

- Regular maintenance and washing of garbage bins once or twice a month as needed.

People are invited to drop off their household waste from 18 p.m. It is forbidden to take out the trash during the day.

For any information, please contact the Délégation au Cadre de Vie on 0590 87 50 04 or the service provider ESE France on 0590 26 88 73.

The cleanliness of the territory is everyone's business!

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