Member's remarks on the authorization of the RSA: reactions of the senator


Senator Guillaume Arnell wished to speak following the remarks made by Daniel Gibbs last week in the hemicycle at the National Assembly as part of the RSA authorization request. “First of all, Daniel Gibbes justifies his abstention during the Territorial Council of June 26, 2014 during which the request for authorization in matters of RSA was made. It seems to me quite surprising and inappropriate for a parliamentarian to justify in the hemicycle his position on a deliberation by the local community. Moreover, by affirming "this request for authorization seems to me to hide more than hazardous political desiderata", Daniel Gibbes tries to cast suspicion on the reasons for the request for authorization formulated by the elected officials of the COM, therefore, why did the hon. member just vote against deliberation? (…) Similarly, our deputy affirms that he “cannot help imagining the administrative hacks that the majority in place will not fail to attempt downstream”, these are serious accusations whose objective is to calling into question the competence and honesty of elected members of the majority; I think it is a shame to use the National Assembly to settle local accounts and bring forward personal differences. ”

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