Draft finance law: the budgetary effort of the State in Saint-Martin in 2023


Last week, the government published the cross-cutting overseas policy document which makes it possible to estimate the overall budgetary effort of the State in the overseas territories. In Saint-Martin, the State's effort is estimated in 2023 at 52,51 million euros in commitment authorizations (AE) and 69,45 million in payment credits (CP).

The two most important missions in budgetary terms are the territorial security and cohesion missions with respective envelopes of around 25 million and 10,5 million. The community relations program represents a substantial effort of 19,69 million euros in CP.

Safety mission

The State's effort in this program is stable in 2023, even slightly up compared to 2021 and 2022. It is divided between the national police (€5,9 million) and  the gendarmerie (€19 million).

Territorial cohesion mission

In this program, the State will mobilize 10,56 million euros (AE and CP) as aid for access to housing in Saint-Martin in 2023.

School teaching mission

In 2023, the State is planning an additional effort of 2,5 million, or 7,5 million euros in support of the national education policy. (soualigapost.com)

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