Problems of delivering meals to the school canteen: the fed up of a female pupil


“Hello the Community, I was called on Friday by the Eliane Clarke school to come and pick up my child because the meals had not been delivered…

I thank the teacher for taking the time to call me, with a single phone for the whole school… And thank you to the canteen staff for their patience and their work in general.

However, I can fully understand the vagaries of life.

Beyond the fact that I am an adult and that I am fully aware of my responsibilities towards my own child, when I pay for a service, I would like to have a minimum of  consideration by your services.

Having to quit my job, go get my son's lunch, negotiate with the nanny is one thing.

But when I see that children aged between 2 ½ and 3 years old have had to wait 1 hour 30 minutes on a chair without being too agitated, I get mad.

When I see the exorbitant price of the canteen ticket and they explain to me that it is due to the deficits of the CTOS but that it is my child who pays the consequences, I am enraged.

When I see that it was necessary for a student's parent to move so that all the schools in Saint-Martin could be provided with paper napkins for the canteen, I was enraged.

When I see, with proof that half of my child's meal tray has been stolen upstream, I am enraged.

When I see the multiple delivery delays, I get angry.

Your lack of anticipation, of communication proves once again your various and varied incompetences.

Your repeated failures prove the lack of respect and interest you have for the youth of Saint-Martin ”.


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