Firm and suspended prison for theft of car parts


Last Friday, mid-day, three individuals are seen entering private property on the road from Petite Plage to Grand Case. Informed, the gendarmes arrive a few minutes later.

The soldiers note that several car parts (a steering wheel, a dashboard counter and a steering column cover) are on the ground. They come from a vehicle parked a little further on the property.

The three individuals, aged 21, were arrested, taken into police custody and brought before the deputy prosecutor. They were the subject of an immediate appearance Wednesday morning before the criminal court of Saint-Martin. TW, who has ten convictions, has been sentenced to one year in prison. The court also revoked a four-month stay and issued a warrant. The other individuals were sentenced to three and six months suspended prison terms. In addition to the meeting theft, TW was accused of driving a vehicle without insurance and without a license. (More details on

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