Prison and fine for insulting the gendarmes 


After two months of vacation, the hearings restarted last Thursday at the criminal court with thirty files to analyze. Among them, there was that of MO who was heard for contempt of the gendarmes, a fact dating from November 17, 2013.

During an intervention by the police to calm a dispute between two people in 2013, MO, frustrated, then attacked them. Once calmed down and ready to go, the man reportedly started cursing them again. Facts for which the gendarmes constituted a civil party and claimed moral damages. The accused who was present at the hearing does not deny the facts with which he is accused. According to him, all of this happens just because he was so nervous. Something that the new prosecutor Michaël Ohayon cannot accept. According to him, the gendarmes are at the service of the population and they are doing their job. Not convinced by MO's argument, he offers 1 month suspended prison sentence. The court in its verdict sentenced MO to 1 month suspended and to pay a fine of 200 euros to the four gendarmes. In another case, he was also convicted of driving without a license and under the influence of alcohol. In total, he receives a 3-month suspended sentence. _KL

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