PREVENTION: A TV series with the detainees of Pointe Blanche 


On Sunday August 21, the Ministry of Justice of Sint Maarten announced the launch of a new television series: HVB Unscripted. The program was filmed in the heart of Pointe Blanche prison. 

Launched by Minister Anna E. Richardson, this series aims "to discourage young people from choosing the path of delinquency", indicates the ministry. The program “describes how inmates and ex-inmates have become yet another statistic in the Sint Maarten justice system. The series will also highlight how a decision can directly or indirectly impact the entire community. 

“We place a lot of importance on the impact that accounts of the personal experiences of inmates and ex-inmates can have,” says Anna E. Richardson. "I think it's important to create a space where young people can hear the stories of these people who are serving long sentences."

Over the course of the series, the characters explain where they come from, what family they grew up in, and the circumstances that led them to prison. They also explain their daily life in detention. Others testify to their reintegration journey since leaving the penitentiary centre. 

The ministry “will broadcast each episode in primary and secondary schools as well as in various youth associations”. 

The first episode will be broadcast this Friday, August 26 at 20 p.m. on the TelEm's, TelTV+, TV15, TV CARIB channels as well as on the Facebook and YouTube pages of the government of Sint Maarten. A new episode will be released every month until December. "We are already planning a second season that would highlight the journey of the victims and their families." _pc

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