PREVENTION: The gendarmes on a prevention mission during the month of July


During the month of July, the gendarmes of the Family Protection House (MPF) were in contact with the population and more particularly with young people to deliver prevention messages. 

“We mainly intervened in connection with the National Education on the occasion of the Learning Holidays device”, indicates Warrant Officer Berthault who works with the Chief Marshal of Logis Didier and Constable Bury. “We act in the continuity of the school year during which we intervene regularly to raise awareness of harassment and violence. The children know us and we are very well received. They are always a bit curious about our work and our weapon”. 

But during the holidays, the watchword is: fun! The gendarmes were therefore equipped with a goose game. "They play and have to answer questions." About 200 children aged 8 to 14 benefited from these visits. Harassment remains the main theme “because it is commonplace at school”.  One of the missions of the MPF gendarmes is also to identify child victims of violence. "You can notice reactions, attitude, questions and sometimes anger when a subject is brought up." 

In addition to the Clair Saint-Maximin, Marie-Amélie Leydet, Elie Gibs, Aline Hanson and Emile Choisy schools, the gendarmes met the children who were taking part in a holiday camp offered by the Guadeloupe association Francas. “We also intervened with the Sessad association which works for children with disabilities”. Finally, the seniors of the association La Couronne and the school Les Colibris in Saint-Barthélemy also received a visit from the MPF of Saint-Martin. _pc

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