Presentation of the “100% Health” reform


The CCI of Saint-Martin organized a conference-debate in collaboration with the mutual insurance company ADEP to present the “100% Health” reform implemented by the government. The objective was to present this reform to the maximum of Saint-Martin companies, so that they could know what would change in terms of health reimbursement for their employees.

In addition to health reimbursements, it was a question of all the contractual obligations and information that companies had to legally, to be able to inform their employees of the changes of health guarantee, and which concerns all the people who have a mutual today hui. Guilaine De Menou, responsible for companies within ADEP, came specially from Guadeloupe to explain the various changes caused by the “100% Health” reform.

A reform that comes into force on January 1, 2020 and concerns all people who have a mutual, both individuals and businesses. "Companies have the obligation to switch to these contracts which are called" 100% Health ", with guarantees which are a little bit different, but which are for the benefit of employees", in effect the insured will be better reimbursed . Guilaine De Menou ensures that companies must support employees, by informing them, "and then there is the whole contractual part with the mutual, with which it works, to be able to switch to these new contracts, so that they keep their benefits January 1, 2020 ”.

A reform which aims to avoid the renouncement of care for financial reasons by proposing certain models without "remaining expenses" for the insured and which mainly concerns optics, dental and hearing. Guilaine De Menou says that it is "on these three poles that we will act so that companies can be able to explain to employees the changes that will occur". Since indeed there will be new grids of mutual guarantees "and that we can explain to employees what will happen and what they will have in addition, in terms of reimbursement". Changes which, given the number of people who attended the conference, do not seem to concern local business leaders too much… _RM

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