PPRN: A Cotech launches its own investigation!


The Technical Committee (Cotech) Regional planning, economic and sustainable development set up by the Collectivity within the framework of the alternative consultation of the revision of the plan of prediction of natural risks (PPRN) met a second time last Tuesday at Orleans district.

If, at the first meeting, about sixty people were present, barely fifteen were on Tuesday again.

Last month, the architects proposed to create a "technical tool that clearly poses the vagaries and local issues". "This tool which will synthesize the data will make it possible to develop pragmatic risk reduction solutions on our island", explains Cotech whose members and participants are unanimous on the need to "propose a scientific verification of Cerema data, diligent expertise by the COM ".

"This exchange will make it possible to remove certain glaring inconsistencies but above all will allow a constructive exchange with the investigating commissioners, based on specific examples", he continues.

In a few weeks, the said tool was put in place: it is a file intended for socio-professionals, co-owner's trustee and residents whose assets have been impacted by marine submersion.

The sheet aims to collect information on the construction (height, number of levels, base, etc.), the level of submersion and if it is a professional activity, the sector, the number of employees, the type insurance, etc.

All responses will be summarized. It will make it possible to verify or invalidate certain state data based on the Cerema surveys and will be the subject of a report intended for the investigating commissioner.

This sheet is available from Cotech and will be sent to socio-professionals.

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