PPRN / Upstairs room vs Safe Room: double standards


Following Irma, the community and the State services thought about measures to better protect the population in the event of hurricane events. In March 2018, the COM thus included in the local town planning code the obligation to create a secure room or "Safe Room" in new constructions (room all in concrete). As for the Deal (direction of the environment), it proposes to impose the displacement of sleeping places above the reference level (height of water recorded during Irma).

One protects from wind but not necessarily from submersion, the second from submersion but not necessarily from wind. In the end, neither one nor the other protects from a cyclone in its entirety.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to combine the two by imposing a secure part above the reference dimension. Or as participants suggested at the first public meeting on PPRN in neighborhoods, that the authorities design and finance protective works to limit the risks. Or at least Safe Room type shelters in sufficient number. And that it is not up to the inhabitants to be forced by the authorities to protect themselves at their expense. (Source: www.soualigapost.com)

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