cross-border pursuit: An individual arrested thanks to the good cooperation of the island's police forces!


A first ! Thanks to the joint intervention of the Sint-Maarten police and the Saint-Martin gendarmes, an individual was arrested last Wednesday in Quartier d'Orléans after having robbed and shot the Dutch police. His accomplice is however always wanted…

It was around 16 p.m. last Wednesday that the Sint-Maarten police alerted the gendarmerie of Saint-Martin to inform them that they were chasing two individuals on a scooter. The two criminals have just committed an armed robbery and shot the police four times during the chase, without causing any injuries. The police of Sint-Maarten then warn their French counterparts that they are heading towards the border of Oyster Pond. The cooperation treaty allowing cross-border pursuit, three patrols from the Dutch side are pursuing the two individuals on French territory, near Quartier d'Orléans but lose their traces. An important system is set up with the presence of six gendarmerie patrols and four from Sint-Maarten. A neighborhood survey makes it possible to delimit a very precise zone. It is finally by going door-to-door that the police find inside a house, the famous scooter and one of the two individuals, in possession of a firearm. The young man, of Dutch nationality, was immediately arrested around 19 p.m. and placed in police custody on the French side. His accomplice could not, however, be arrested. He always runs in the wild… For the captain, Emmanuel Maignan, “this first large-scale cross-border pursuit took place in an excellent frame of mind. This is a good example of cooperation between us, the gendarmes and the police of Sint-Maarten ”. Like what, by joining forces, we can do good things ... _AF


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