Why are some ponds red?


You must have noticed: some ponds on the island are red in color. Rest assured, this phenomenon is natural due to the drought, explains the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve. 

The current situation of great drought modifies the physicochemical conditions of the water. "The change in the color of the water - and its current red tint - is the result of an important development of microalgae (generally Dunaliella salina) and most often of their predators (eg Arthemia salina)", specifies the institution.

Barrière pond remains closed

In Cul-de-Sac, no reopening of the Barrière pond is planned for the moment due to the presence of sargassum. This would lead to their "massive entry". "The latter thus trapped in the pond (hot and stagnant water) would see their degradation accelerated and the production of H2S would also be greater and in close proximity to the two schools," said the reserve.

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