For better care of hospital patients in Saint-Martin, the president, Daniel Gibbs and the director of the LC Fleming hospital received at the Ministry of Solidarity and Health


Following the work undertaken for several months in close collaboration with the management of the Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital Center and the meetings held in recent months with the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, the president of the Collectivity, Daniel Gibbs, accompanied by Marie-Antoinette LAMPIS, director of the Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital Center, was received again yesterday at the Ministry of Solidarity and Health in Paris.

Arnaud Vanneste, Advisor for healthcare and investments for the Minister of Health and Liès Messafta, Advisor in charge of relations with local elected officials and communities of the Minister of Health are mobilized to support Saint-Martin in its increase in skills and equipment .

Through the Segur de la Santé, the Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital Center must strengthen its offer to meet the requirements of an isolated establishment in order to guarantee its population a care that meets the same requirements as those required on the French territory, in terms of access to healthcare and equal opportunities.


At the end of 5 to 10 years, the hospital center must in particular be able to: 

- Recentralize the medico-technical platform with the creation of an intra-laboratory and a sectional imaging platform - Scanner - MRI - near the Emergency Department; 

- Develop medicine - by occupation of the current extension dedicated to Day Hospitalization, i.e. 8 beds

- Create a new larger 12-bed day hospital unit - gastro - neuro - geriatric activity 

- Develop outpatient consultations,

- Create a vaccination center,

- Continue the reorganization of Emergencies 

To respond to the current problem of EVASAN (medical evacuation), in order to reduce the significant risk of loss of opportunity, the Northern Islands should be able to benefit from a helicopter and its heliport shared with other administrations (Rescue at sea, civil security, gendarmerie, etc.). 

The overall investment need to meet this objective is € 17.7 million.


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