Wearing a mask is compulsory for students from CP to CM2: parents step up to the plate


Many parents gathered yesterday morning in front of the Prefecture to express their dissatisfaction with the wearing of the compulsory mask in elementary school.

In a recent letter addressed to the vice-rector, Michel Sanz, the collective  des Parents de Saint-Martin et Saint-Barth “fully understands the will of the public authorities to contain the epidemic by all means. However, we know that the benefit of wearing a mask by children remains to be demonstrated, while the disadvantages or risks are clearly established, in particular by the WHO.

If this benefit / risk balance justifies taking such decisions on metropolitan territory, we are convinced that our insularity as well as the peculiarities of our islands, particularly in terms of climate and health, justify adaptations.

In the current circumstances, the obligation to wear a mask for children under eleven years old, in our two islands, generates too much reluctance, stress, and health and social difficulties, not very conducive to education, learning and a peaceful social climate. Teaching, education and management staff, who are very aware of psychosocial and health risks, must be more consulted and heard in order to prevent said risks in an appropriate and effective manner, but in no case should this be done by obligation. of wearing masks for our children ”.

For her part, the rector of the Academy of Guadeloupe, Christine Gangloff-Ziegler recalls that the wearing of a mask is compulsory for all students in elementary schools, colleges and high schools as part of a protection process. staff, students and their families to which all members of the educational community must contribute. The message has the merit of being clear.


The prefect maintains the wearing of the compulsory mask

A delegation of six people - four representing private schools outside the contract and two representing public schools - was received yesterday morning by Prefect Serge Gouteyron and Vice-Rector Michel Sanz. As they had done in their statement, the parents exposed to the authorities the difficulties for the children to wear the mask.

To their request not to apply this measure, Serge Gouteyron could not respond favorably. The decree does not provide for any local development. The prefect specified that the obligation to wear a mask was a national measure from which he could not therefore derogate. He recalled that the English-type variant was actively circulating on the island and that prevention was in order. _AF


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