PORT OF GALISBAY: Closing of consultation prior to the extension project


On Friday April 12, 2024, the public consultation restitution meeting as part of the Galisbay port extension project was held at the CCISM. A look back at the concerns expressed by the Saint-Martin population.

The port extension project which will better position Galisbay as a regional transshipment port and increase its domestic processing capacity includes the creation of a bypass road which has sparked a number of reactions from the population on the impacts environmental: “Economic activities will benefit from the bypass” declared Alain Richardson, 1st vice-president of the Community, “it will avoid the presence of trucks in the city center in order to streamline traffic, we must protect the environment and at the end of the studies carried out, solutions will be provided. There will also be cycle lanes on this detour. The port and the rear (transformation and redistribution zone editor’s note) are the two areas where the Marigot agglomeration could expand.” The politician and Albéric Ellis, director of the port establishment, wanted to reassure the population about the direct and indirect jobs linked to the extension project by recalling the Community's commitment to the use of local businesses and the employment of young people, a desire which will appear in the specifications of the port of Galisbay. Another major concern of Saint-Martin residents, the treatment of drinking water: “We have given the assurance that everything will be done to monitor, control and minimize impacts thanks to protection devices with regular investigations of the level of turbidity (particles which emerge and rise during dredging editor's note), operations will be stopped if this level is above a certain threshold” promises Albéric Ellis. For the governance of the port of Galisbay, the 1st vice-president of the COM was very firm on the subject: “There is no risk that this infrastructure will become private”. After the final closure of the prior consultation on April 21, the National Commission for Public Debate (CNDP) will produce a report at the end of May 2024 which will be published online (see information). The port establishment and the Community of Saint-Martin via its territorial council will then have two months to propose appropriate measures based on the recommendations in order to carry out this extension project highly anticipated by the population. If everything aligns according to the theoretical schedule, work on the extension of the Galisbay port should begin in 2026. _VX

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