Sandy-Ground Bridge: opening of maritime traffic on October 18th!


Following the work carried out on the Sandy-Ground Bridge, now equipped with a new structure and a new deck, the scaffolding and gangway installations will be dismantled before the end of September. As a reminder, the Collectivity has invested 1.7 million euros in favor of the complete renovation of the Sandy-Ground bridge. 

Due to compelling personal reasons, the operator in charge of adjusting the hydraulic installations is not able to schedule his intervention as initially planned, before the end of this month. This operation will therefore be carried out during the month of October. 

As agreed with the association of seafarers, METIMER, the point survey services will carry out the first survey on Monday, October 18, 2021. 

The days and times for lifting the bridge will be communicated to the public at a later date. 

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