POLICY: Too late?… “Work had to start earlier”


Is it too late to change the minds of government departments regarding the revision of the natural hazard forecasting plan (PPRN)? As announced at the start of the procedure, the new regulations will be applied in advance to new constructions within a few days.

Meeting in plenary session on July 17, the latter voted unanimously against early application - and by extension against the revision as now developed by the State - and asked for a deadline to revise the PPRN.

Sylvie Feucher made it clear that it was too late to request a delay, which is why she did not take into account the vote of the territorial council. At least that the solicitation moment was no longer opportune.

If Pascale Laborde justified the position of the COM by the fact that the elected officials were waiting for the cards presented publicly at the meetings to react, the prefect was unequivocal: "we had to start the work [of reflection] earlier". In other words, not two years after Irma's visit. And to underline: "the card which enabled this work was delivered to the COM in November 2017".

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