POLITICS: Sint Maarten is going through a new political crisis


Prime Minister Leona Romea-Marlin spoke on Monday of article 59 of the Constitution in order to dissolve the Parliament of Sint Maarten and organize new elections, the previous ones having taken place a year and a half ago. She informed the governor, Eugene Holiday.

In a press conference given yesterday, Leona Romeo-Marlin accused members of the opposition of creating "a toxic environment". "The country has become ungovernable," she said.

Appointed in January 2018 as Prime Minister, Leona Romeo-Marlin defended herself from having "done everything she could to help the country rebuild itself". She denied wanting to end relations with the Netherlands or the World Bank as could be said. She recalled having allowed the granting of $ 580 million for reconstruction.

She said "having nothing to gain" with new elections and "no longer be interested in politics if it has to be done in such a context". In her letter to the governor, the Prime Minister suggested that elections be held on November 25 and the coming into force of the new government on December 23.

The governor said in a press release that he had taken note of all the proposals. He is conducting consultations to assess the feasibility of forming a new government.

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