POLITICS: A look back at the Territorial Council of December 4, 2023


The Territorial Council met in plenary session this Monday, December 4, to deliberate on 9 points on the agenda.

The advisors began the session with the creation of the title of Chef Restaurateur de Saint-Martin which gives access to tax advantages for, in particular, the carrying out of work. The association of Chefs Restaurateurs is associated with this creation so that the title is in line with the realities of the catering sector, in harmony with the actions undertaken since 2022. As a second point on the agenda, deliberations 2, 3 & 4 made it possible to establish the new perimeters of the Neighborhood Councils, which now number 6: 1- Orléans District, Oriental Bay, Oyster Pond; 2- Grand-Case, La Savane, Cul-de-Sac, Anse Marcel; 3- Colombier, Rambaud, Saint-Louis, Friar's Bay; 4- Concordia, Agrément, Galisbay, Hameau du Pont; 5- Marigot, Saint-James, Bellevue; 6- Sandy Ground, Nettle Bay, Terres Basses. A constitutive charter governing the Neighborhood Councils was also adopted. For deliberation 5, the Territorial Council modified the table of permanent jobs in the Community. These adjustments concern the elimination of positions in redundant functions, the creation of new positions with regard to the new organization chart and the necessary adjustments. This modification aims to ensure complete consistency between positions, to clearly define supervisory and collaborative relationships, and to promote effective distribution of tasks and responsibilities. In deliberation 6, the members of the Territorial Council were called upon to adopt the strategy for the blue economy of Saint-Martin. The COM has recruited a blue economy project manager who will ensure the implementation of the strategy, in conjunction with regional partners, with the following missions: to lead territorial public policies in terms of the blue economy, to support economic players and structuring projects and ensure cooperation and partnership relations. The eighth deliberation consisted of voting for an amending decision on the 2023 budget, including a modification concerning chapter 012 – Personnel costs, providing for an increase in appropriations in the amount of €6M. The last deliberation which aimed to delegate certain responsibilities to the Executive Council for the period 2023-2027 was removed from the agenda and will be presented later. _VX

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