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Before the end-of-year holiday break, the president of the Louis Mussington Collectivity received Serge Letchimy, president of the executive council of Martinique, for several working meetings within the framework of the Appeal of Fort-de-France.

Signed on May 17 by the presidents of the outermost regions (ORs), namely Guadeloupe, Réunion, Mayotte, Martinique, Saint-Martin and Guyana, the Appeal of Fort-de-France is a solemn appeal to the French State advocating a profound change in the policy of aid to overseas territories. In this open letter which aims to counter inequalities, the signatories call for a fundamental reform of relations with the State which revolves around three major axes: adaptation of legislation for common policies in accordance with the specific needs of each island territory, full equality rights, new economic policy based on geostrategic and ecological assets. Following the sending of this historic call, Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic, responded to it with attention by receiving around fifty elected officials from overseas communities during a working dinner at the Élysée in early September in order to discuss all the economic, social and institutional issues that arise in each of the territories concerned. A month later, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and Jean-François Carenco, the Minister Delegate in charge of Overseas Territories, who took full measure of the uniqueness of a territory like Saint-Martin during his official visit to October of this year, recorded their desire to establish a calendar of meetings for the progress of this file. It is therefore in this dynamic of continuity at the Call of Fort-de-France that Serge Letchimy, Didier Laguerre, mayor of Fort-de-France and the delegation of Martinique came to Saint-Martin to discuss the strategy and the negotiations to be set up regarding the institutional future of the overseas territories. For Louis Mussington, land management, regulation and employment of islanders, adaptation of public markets and taxation are at the heart of his prerogatives. The Martinican president Serge Letchimy made the observation in front of the territorial elected officials, the limit of the possibilities has been crossed, it is important to modify the development of the island territories for a better integration at the diplomatic, territorial and economic level: "The State must accept to share his powers. The next consultation meeting on the progress of files and the roadmap for overseas territories will be held in March 2023. _VX

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