Referral from the Court of Auditors: the Prime Minister's responses


Prime Minister Edouard Philippe was the recipient on December 22 of an interim proceeding from the Court of Auditors concerning the actions of accompaniment of the State in Saint-Martin. 

In essence, the court indicates that the State has not sufficiently supported the COM since its change of status, precisely in the tax area. On March 2, Edouard Philippe shared his comments on the comments made. He indicates that the state has already put in place measures to improve the situation. These were decided during 2017, i.e. after the audit. In its summary, the court pointed in particular to the lack of involvement and support of the general directorate of public finances (DGFiP) in the collection of local taxes. She pointed out that the COM had to develop its own applications, the DGFiP not having done so.

Regarding professional taxes, the Prime Minister considers that “this situation results from a choice of the community to develop its own applications to adapt them to its specific taxation. It was therefore up to him to ensure the maintenance of the IT tool and the management of his file of taxpayers, from the one that had been given to him and over time with the information transmitted by the CCI ”. For personal taxes, Edouard Philippe recalls that there is "an agreement in principle between the community and the DGFIP on the establishment of a new IT tool intended to ensure" their recovery "replacing the DDPAC application - in all its components ”.

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