POLICY: "What model do we want for the French overseas departments and territories? "Asks the Minister of Overseas Territories


The senator of Saint-Barthélemy, Micheline Jacques, questioned the government last Thursday on the crises in the French Antilles.

“This crisis has deep roots that we must all face in the face. The vaccination obligation is only revealing and the feeling of disrepute shared in all overseas has been exacerbated by the centralization of public policies in recent months ”, she commented.

“The crisis is permanent. Basically, it is the relationship with the State that is at stake and the capacity of public policies in general to respond to the structural difficulties that have piled up, ”she continued, asking the Minister for Overseas Affairs if“ the government was ready to embark on the path of a new pact of confidence with the French overseas territories ”.

For Sébastien Lecornu, it is above all necessary to distinguish between “differentiation, decentralization and deconcentration”. "In managing the health crisis, we have made this effort," he recalled. And to ask the question: "So how can a law of the Republic, which aims to protect our fellow citizens, apply less in an overseas department?" ". For the minister, the "real question is [in fact] that of autonomy". 

“This is an essential question: what model do we want for our overseas departments and regions? He asks.  The debate is open.



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