POLITICS: MP Frantz Gumbs inaugurates his office in Saint-Barthélemy


On January 4, Frantz Gumbs, MP for the 1st constituency of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin whose mandate began on June 22, 2022, inaugurated his parliamentary office in Gustavia.

In the presence of officials from the neighboring island, including Xavier Lédée, president of the Collectivity of Saint-Barthélemy, and the elected representatives of the territorial council, Frantz Gumbs had also invited Louis Mussington, president of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, Dominique Démocrite Louisy, 3rd vice-president, as well as the executive council of Saint-Martin and the representatives of the main institutions of the two territories concerned. In addition to their participation in this unique event, a great first in the history of the constituency of the Northern Islands, which would not have been possible without the organizing expertise of the deputy's deputy Melissa Lake, the various players and counterparts from the two islands thus had the opportunity to meet and exchange views on common themes in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. During his speech, deputy Frantz Gumbs expressed his desire to optimize dialogue between the two territories and with the population of Saint-Barthélemy: "As a deputy for local authorities, I have to listen of the two executives and I am well aware that the operating conditions of the education system, access to suitable health services, access to cleaner and more sustainable energy are all subjects that deserve better coordination for greater efficiency.

The inauguration of this new parliamentary office was also an opportunity for the deputy to officially introduce Anne Peuchot, his constituency collaborator in Saint-Barthélemy, who now has the task of ensuring the said office located in the premises of the Economic, Social Council , cultural and environmental in Gustavia, near the Hôtel de la Collectivité, more precisely at 59 rue Schoelcher in Gustavia. The public is invited to make an appointment from Monday to Friday from 14 p.m. to 17 p.m. Deputy Frantz Gumbs concluded his speech by declaring: "I wish that we would be richer in 2023. Richer in intelligence, wisdom and love, these are riches that we can share without becoming poorer, on the contrary. » _Vx

Info and appointment: frantz.gumbs@assemblee-nationale.fr

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