POLICY: Louis Mussington's campaign account is validated


The national campaign accounts and political finance committee validated Louis Mussington's campaign account deposited after the territorial elections of March 2017.

The document provided by the candidate shows an amount of expenditure of 13 euros and revenue of 588 euros including 14 euros of personal contribution knowing that the maximum amount of expenditure authorized was set at 080 euros.

The account was approved but after reforming. That is to say that the committee considered that certain expenditure and receipts were not correctly entered and therefore proceeded to a new calculation of these.

In the end, the commission closed the campaign accounts at 12 euros in expenses and 274 euros in revenue, showing a surplus of 12 euros. The amount of reimbursement by the State is 766 euros.

(more details on www.soualigaspost.com)


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