POLICY: The COM acquires a property to house the Maison de Saint-Martin in Paris


The executive council wishes to transfer the premises of the Maison de Saint-Martin located in the XNUMXth arrondissement to Paris because “the current conditions do not allow the agents of the Maison de Saint-Martin to work in good conditions (noise, presence of pests, infiltrations, etc.), nor to receive citizens from Saint-Martin calmly”. The elected officials thus consider it "essential to leave these premises" and want to acquire a property in order to no longer "rent at a loss for the representation" of Saint-Martin in metropolitan France.

After prospecting, the COM found an apartment of 102,10 square meters in the 1,61th arrondissement. She negotiated with the seller the price of XNUMX million euros, notary fees included.

This acquisition project was submitted to the executive board and approved at the beginning of September. "It corresponds to a project of general interest, in this case to provide the community with a representation with the aim of improving exchanges with the student world, the Saint-Martinois residing in metropolitan France, but also to improve the exchanges with the national and European authorities for the development of the territory”, agree the elected officials.

Soon the Maison de Saint-Martin will be located at 29 rue de Penthièvre in Paris. (soualigapost.com)

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