Politics: Resignation of Steven Patrick from his post of 4th vice-president of the COM


A few days ago, Steven Patrick received a request to add a deliberation related to town planning to the agenda for the meeting scheduled for the next day. He talks about it with his team within the Living environment delegation that he leads, and refuses that the deliberation be examined because of the lack of time to prepare it.

In session, the deliberation is still examined to be voted; the argument put forward to justify it is the urgent nature of the decision to be taken (building permits must imperatively be granted). Tone up. The Deputy Director General (DGA) of the delegation  Living environment insists that the executive council position itself on this deliberation, Steven Patrick is against. Finally, Daniel Gibbs agrees with the DGA; a decision which provokes the anger of Steven Patrick who feels "humiliated". He finds this "unacceptable". "The president cannot let go of an elected member of a team to support a civil servant who is paid to do his work", estimates Steven Patrick who is leaving the executive council.

In a press release sent on Thursday, Daniel Gibbs announced that he had removed the delegation from his vice-president because the latter broke the lock on a door in the administrative city. Asked twice at a press conference on Friday morning, Steven Patrick has neither confirmed nor denied the facts. He specifies that he “did not attack anyone physically”.

The reaction of the president of the COM prompted Steven Patrick to resign from the post of vice-president on Friday morning. He considers that without delegation, he can do nothing as vice-president.

However, he wishes "to go to the end of his mandate and wants to keep his mandate as territorial advisor and member of the executive council". He also said he will not be on Team Gibbs 2022, nor on another list to counter it. He also doesn't want to lead a list. (Soualigapost.com)

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