POLITICS: Daniel Gibbs satisfied with his trip to Guyana


"I can say that I did not travel for nothing and that I am coming back confident. I obtained the listening and the confidence of my interlocutors. It was therefore a first successful passage, "said COM President Daniel Gibbs at a press conference Tuesday afternoon following his trip last week to Guyana where he attended the Conference of presidents of the ORs of which it was the XXII edition. "This trip was not only constructive but above all productive, since we obtained unanimous support from our overseas counterparts and from our European partners," he continues.

In addition to the 60 million euros programmed over the period 2014-2020 to finance four programs including the ERDF and the ESF, the European Union has released 80 million euros under the solidarity fund (read our Thursday edition) . “My bilateral meeting with European Commissioner Corina Crétu, who is responsible for regional policy, was very reassuring because the mobilization of the various instruments of the cohesion and solidarity policy of the European Union will allow Saint Martin to benefit with an overall budget of around 140 M €, ”estimates the President of the COM.

"This money is much needed to initiate major reconstruction projects, particularly with regard to structural catching up, by building new infrastructures of necessity: Water and sanitation networks, road networks, reconstruction of schools and certain public buildings, ”says Daniel Gibbs, who will chair the Conference of Presidents of the ORs in 2019. (More details on www.soualigapost.com)

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