Territorial police: 2 actions completed in 656


According to an audit commissioned by the COM, the 2017 territorial police officers are not sufficiently trained. "Among the recommendations, the development of police officers by training is pointed out as a necessity," said the president during the last territorial council, which therefore undertook to follow these recommendations and, moreover, to recruit a dozen police officers. additional in XNUMX.

Today, the territorial police are made up of 45 officers, including 26 police officers (1 director and 3 heads of service), 4 public highway surveillance officers (ASVP), 4 chief operators, 8 video operators within the center of urban supervision as well as 3 administrative agents.

Their missions are diverse: processing letters sent to them, impounding, running races (cyclists, pedestrians), putting in beer, issuing certificates of change of residence, notices for public events, etc. In total in 2015, the territorial police carried out 2 acts, of which nearly two-thirds were fine stamp procedures (656). Photo credit: COM, archive photo.

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