Dead fish in the pond of Grand-Case: a real spectacle of desolation!


At the Etang de Grand-Case, dozens, even hundreds of fish were discovered dead, floating on the surface or lying on the banks. Human pollution could be at the origin of this ecological disaster.

Alerted on social networks, Julien Chalifour, in charge of scientific missions at the Nature Reserve of Saint-Martin posted the following message. "The observations made reflect a locally impressive mortality, as it is confined to the outlet, but not visible on the other banks of the sea side (direction of the prevailing winds), and affects almost exclusively one species, namely tilapia (invasive introduced species). In the area, during the passage, there was only one tarpon of medium size dead and full of living feeding and golomines, but also tilapia breathing on the surface.

So a priori the cause of mortality does not affect the entire pond and does not appear natural (anoxia, salinity, temperature, etc.), but more localized, punctual and probably anthropogenic (of human origin). This lake area protected by the Biotope Protection Order is the property of the State, assigned for its administrative management to the Conservatoire du Littoral, which has withdrawn its management from the Nature Reserve. The Prefecture and the Nature Reserve have, however, exchanged on this subject to identify the cause, but this requires further intervention to precisely identify the source (fish samples and water analyzes). The Conservatory will decide what follow-up it wants to give or not ”. _AF

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