Health point this week: a new case and cured in Saint-Martin.


To date, the results in Saint-Martin are:

A new active case has been identified in Saint-Martin.

614 tests have been carried out since the start of the epidemic, including 61 between 23 and 29 May.


To date, the results in Saint-Barthélemy are:

There are no longer any “active” patients on the territory. 3 women and 3 men contracted the disease.

The total number of PCR tests performed is 135.


• 4 new monitoring indicators

In order to continue to monitor the health situation with great vigilance, four new monitoring indicators are now implemented.

- The incidence  which measures the number of positive people in Covid- 19 out of 100 inhabitants over a period of one week. Two thresholds are set, one of vigilance at 000 / 10 inhabitants and an alert threshold at 100 / 000 inhabitants. A high vigilance rate reflects the development of clusters or active viral circulation. Saint –Martin and Saint-Barthélemy are below the vigilance threshold.

- The positivity rate is materialized by the number of people  Covid- 19 detected / number of tests carried out over a week. It must be less than 10% for the territory to remain green, which is the case for What is the case for Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy.

- The reproductive factor of the virus  (R) represents the average number of people an infected person can infect. The variation in R depends on the behavior of the population. It is close to 0

also which means that the barrier measures have been respected.

- The occupancy rate of intensive care beds is 2% in Guadeloupe, well below the 40% observed

in areas classified green.

The territory is preparing to deploy serological tests in addition to PCR Tests. They will be offered

initially to health professionals and nursing homes.


• 313 calls handled by the RIPOSTE platform

The Covid-19 response platform continues to support and deploy the coordination of the system

investigation, aimed at identifying and stopping the chains of contamination as soon as possible. 313 calls were received

through the platform and RIPOSTE informed of the devices.

The COVID -19 epidemic should not make us forget

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