Rain of rewards for carnival


With each new edition, the association Carnivalesques carnivalesques de Saint-Martin (FCDSM) awards prizes to the troops who distinguished themselves during the carnival. Hot'n Spicy has largely imposed itself this year.

During the grand parade, Hot'n Spicy received five distinctions in the “Exceptional Prizes” category: the most creative, the most original, the most energetic, the most colorful and the one with the most beautiful costumes. Also on their list are the prizes for the best choreography and the best float. As for the Dominicanos association, it won two awards in the “Exceptional awards” category: the most disciplined troop and the jury's favorite. Regarding the best choreography, the association comes third in the ranking, behind Nu Style. Two other troops were awarded the prize for the best tank: Sea Breez (2nd place) and Dayanah's creation (3rd place). In the general classification, the Hot'n Spicy troop (408 points) dominates this classification, followed by Happy Crew (357 points) and Nu Style (247 points).

Regarding the children's parade, the Clair Saint-Maximin school received six awards in the “Exceptional Prizes” category. The jury's favorite was awarded to Marie-Antoinette Richards' extracurricular reception. Among the other prizes, that of the best accessory "Best road piece" was awarded to Gaellie Maurin, Wilson Faith (2rd place) and Alizée Houte (3rd square). In the general classification, we find the Clair Saint-Maximin school in first place (420 points), followed by the Sandy Ground MJC (389 points) and the extracurricular reception Hervé Williams (318 points).

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