Plantation Mont Vernon: call for donations from the Bern mission open


The Heritage Foundation revealed on Monday the list of emblematic monuments that will receive priority funding in the framework of the heritage super lottery which will take place on July 14 and scratch games which will be sold by La Française des Jeux in September. Eighteen monuments appear there, some of them overseas.

The Mission entrusted to Stéphane Bern supports other site renovation projects, including that of reconstruction work on the main house of the Plantation Mont Vernon in Saint-Martin. Retained in 2018, this site will receive aid of 353 euros from the Mission. It is also the subject of a call for donations. The Mission wishes to collect 000 euros. The Collectivity of Saint-Martin, owner of the site, also requested European funds for 90 euros, or 000% of the total cost of the renovation project. (source:

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