Covid-19 debt clearance plan: reminder of the approach by the CCISM


The Interprofessional Consular Chamber of Saint-Martin (CISM) is joining forces with the CGSS to invite all companies, craftsmen and traders to check the state of their current social debt.

As part of the Covid-19 health crisis, the government has put in place several measures, in particular the “postponement of payment of social charges”. This "deferral of social charges" will come to an end, and the CGSS will propose "Covid-19 plans" intended to spread the payment of social charges

As such, it is strongly recommended to extract your "account situation" in order to verify that the amount of the social debt registered with the CGSS.

  To do this, you must:

• Connect to your management area (yourself or your third party declaring)

• Print an account situation (detailing debts)

This makes it possible to verify the concordance of the data recorded by the CGSS, and yours. You can also have any errors corrected in the CGSS records, by producing your declarations and any payments.

Please note, the “Covid-19 Plans” will be sent from September 2021, and you will only have 30 days to negotiate the spread of the debt (and not the veracity of the debt - the deadline will be too short). Failure to respond during this 30-day period will constitute an implicit agreement, and you will be bound by the proposal made by the CGSS. The “Covid-19 Plans” are IOUs….

It is therefore imperative to anticipate this plan, and to react upon receipt of it.

Several platforms are available especially for employing companies, for self-employed workers. These online spaces allow you to download certificates, declare contributions, estimate the amount of contributions, request the recalculation of contributions, among other things.

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