Lootings: The searches and arrests are linked!


The Gendarmerie has carried out more than 110 searches since the start of the events. In recent days, nine people have been placed in police custody, of which five have been referred.

On Monday, October 2, a search was carried out by the Marigot research section. The latter, reinforced by a GIGN antenna and a mobile gendarmerie platoon, invested two apartments in which they were able to find a multitude of items that had been stolen in the days following Hurricane Irma.

The gendarmes recovered the refrigerator, televisions, washing machines, 2 large bags filled with perfume bottles still wrapped, nearly 10m3 of materials in total.

The protagonists were arrested and heard.

On September 7, a group of 4 people, including the depot manager of a Hope Estate store, used previously stolen refrigerated trucks to rob several warehouses of household appliances, luxury dishes, spirits and food. .

The protagonists of the band were arrested on October 1. The depot manager was brought up for immediate appearance and sentenced to

6 months in prison for "aggravated theft in meetings" and "concealment".

The facts were judged all the more serious, according to the words of Samuel Finielz, prosecutor in Basse-Terre, that "the state needed" these vehicles for the distribution of food.

Finally, in recent days, the Red Cross went to the Marigot brigade to come and recover some of the equipment seized during the searches, either not claimed by their owners, or left available.

Red Cross volunteers loaded dry food, clothing, and basic necessities which will be given to those in need and who have suffered the most from the hurricane.

There is no doubt that the investigations carried out by the gendarmes should lead to new arrests in the coming days… _AF

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